Vespa LX 125 ready to launch soon in India

Some people say that a scooter can’t be called a motorcycle and they start to give reasons. It is small, it is slow, and it is for the girls… We beg to differ. Every scooter is a motorcycle but not every motorcycle is a scooter. And of course not every scooter is a Vespa.

Piaggio Vespa LX 125

Piaggio Vespa LX 125

Classic style combines with the sharp edges of modern designs and a safe, practical and agile motorcycle is born. We are talking about Vespa’s new model Vespa LX 125 which will be launched in India very soon. The Vespa LX 125 was launched internationally in 2005. Unfortunately Indian customers could not see and touch this model until now. The international sales price of Vespa LX 125 is about $5000 but we don’t know how much we will have to pay for a brand new Vespa LX 125 in India.

The body of Vespa LX 125 is all steel and this fact makes it different from all the other scooters in the market. It is a rigid ride with precise steering capabilities. The classical Vespa appearance like circular headlights and rear mirrors remain unchanged in Vespa LX 125. The overall outline is just like classical Vespa scooters. The saddle is high enough for riders of varying heights to be able to control the motorcycle perfectly. The front wheel is 11 inches and its design is a new one with aluminum alloy and five spokes. Vespa LX 125 also has a very stable breaking system.

Piaggio Vespa LX 125

Piaggio Vespa LX 125

There is also a limited edition color option for Vespa LX 125, which is The Vespa Rose. This scooter is the first pink scooter made by Vespa. The yellow scooters have always been very popular among scooter enthusiasts. Will pink threaten its popularity and be the number one choice of women when it comes to scooter colors? We will see.

There have always been people who see scooters as a life style. Their ease of use and small size always made them number one transportation vehicle in the crowded cities. Now Vespa LX 125 is ready to invade the streets of India. In a very short time all the streets of India will be filled with new Vespa LX1 25 scooters and once in a thousand we will see a pink one and tell our friends that we saw the first Pink Vespa model ever to be manufactured. However, maybe Piaggio will bring one of the pink LX125 scooters to 2011 Mumbai International Motor Show (MMIS) and we can have a sneak peek.

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